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Woodshop 101 For Kids

“Woodshop 101 for Kids”

Woodshop 101 for Kids is a 188-page book that teaches the basics of woodworking through the building of fun and useful projects.

  • 21 Woodworking Lessons:  Teach the basics of woodworking
  • 14 Woodworking Projects:  For parents and kids to build together

“Woodshop 101 for Kids” is different from any other woodworking book on the market.  It’s based solely on using hand tools.  This is an advantage for several reasons.  First, there isn’t a large outlay of money, most tools needed you probably already have.  Second, it allows younger kids to be involved in building the projects.  Third, it’s much SAFER!  There are other woodworking books that use hand tools but most stop short on a very important point.  They Don't Teach How To Use Hand Tools!  Woodshop 101 for Kids teaches how to use hand tools safely and effectively.  It even shows what to look for in a good tool and what size is best for your kids.  Another thing that is different about Woodshop 101 for Kids is that when writing it I didn’t assume that parents, grandparents, or whoever would be teaching the kids knew anything about woodworking either.  If you’ve never picked up a saw before or don’t know the difference between pine and oak, don’t worry, you can still teach woodworking to your kids and learn as you go.  If you do know your way around a shop, then you’re ahead of the game.  Having the projects already planned out will still make building each project much easier.  We’ve already done all the head scratching for you!

We homeschool our children so I wrote “Woodshop 101 for Kids” as a curriculum to be used as a semester class, one lesson per week.  This doesn’t mean that “Woodshop 101 for Kids” can only be used by homeschoolers or that one lesson per week has to be taught.  On the contrary, anyone can use and benefit from the information in our book and go through the lessons at your own pace.  The first lessons are all on using individual hand tools with an activity at the end to reinforce what has been taught.

The first lesson teaches the difference between hard and soft woods and how logs are sawn into boards.  Then there are lessons on:

  1. Measuring
  2. Hammers
  3. Hand Saws
  4. Drilling
  5. Using a block plane
  6. Finishing

The projects start out very easy and progressively get more challenging.  Every project lesson has a “Things You’ll Need” box that tells all the items you need to build each project.  Also, a cut list is provided that tells exactly what size to cut each part. 

Here are the projects you can build:

  1. Peg Game (easy to play, tough to beat!)
  2. Crosscut Box (a jig to help crosscut a board square)
  3. Birdhouse (with information on how to customize yours to attract different species)
  4. Toolbox/Art Caddy (customize yours to hold tools or art supplies)
  5. Baseball Rack (holds a baseball, bat, and glove)
  6. Pencil Holder (rotates on the base)
  7. Battleship (built from scrap pieces of wood)
  8. Media Storage Rack (small in size but will hold 75 DVDs or games)
  9. Step Stool (sturdy, and strong to safely get to that hard to reach item)
  10. Two for One Birdfeeder (will hold seed and suet to attract more species)
  11. Workbench (along with information on how to customize it to the height of your child)
  12. Doll Cradle (for that special doll, or for you guys out there, a great gift to show off your woodworking ability)
  13. Marshmallow Catapult (our most popular project!)
  14. Planter Box (made from water resistant wood to last for years outdoors)
(Click on a picture below to enlarge)

There are over 280 pictures throughout the book that help explain what the text is talking about.  There are also many graphs, illustrations and definition blocks that will help avoid any confusion about what the lesson is teaching.

So Why Teach Woodworking To Your Kids?
Because you’re building more than projects!

  1. It builds self-esteem
  2. It builds self-confidence
  3. It builds a sense of accomplishment
  4. It builds creativity
  5. It builds a stronger relationship between you and your children!


Still Not Convinced?
How About Downloading One of Our Most
Popular Projects For

Click on the link below and you will receive our lesson on building the Peg Game totally FREE.  This project is simple to make but will entertain for hours! I’m giving this project lesson away just so you can see how detailed the lessons are. You’ll find the “Things You’ll Need” box that lists the tools and materials that you’ll need to build the project, the cut list that explains what size to cut each individual part to, the step by step directions that walk you through the building process, along with all the pictures that further explain what to do.  You’ve got nothing to lose, so download the FREE project lesson and discover how easy woodworking can be, when you know how!

You’ll need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the document. Go to this link to download it for free, http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html

You can choose to receive one of two versions of “Woodshop 101 for Kids” either a printed version or a downloadable version.

The cost of the printed version is $23.95 USD, plus shipping.

The cost of the downloadable PDF version is $19.95 USD.  (You’ll need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the document.  Go to this link to download it for free, http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html

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