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Videos, Podcasts, and Blogs, Oh My!

The Wood Whisperer:  Marc Spagnuolo's video podcast that offers a refreshing look at an age-old craft. The show is funny, unapologetic, and smart. It's woodworking with a twist!!

Matt's Basement Workshop:  Matt is the guy that started it all!  Mattsbasementworkshop was the first podcast devoted entirely to the craft of woodworking.  Check it out, you'll be glad you did!

Wood Talk Online:  Marc from The Wood Whisperer, and Matt from Mattsbasementworkshop, have teamed up to do a podcast together.  It's just two guys talkin' wood.

Furnitology Productions: This is Neil Lamans Video Blog page.  Neil gives us a view of woodworking from the studio furniture side.  A great video podcast, check it out!

The Novice Garage Woodworker:   Woodworking how-to for novices, by novices.

Popular Woodworking Blog:  The guys that bring you Popular Woodworking Magazine (one of my favorite magazines) now have their own blog.  Find out what's happening behind the scenes and ask the editors questions that you have.

Woodworking Magazine Blog:  From the same people who bring you Popular Woodworking Magazine.  The Woodworking Magazine blog provides additional editorial content and instructions that cannot fit in the printed version. Here you can follow their progress as they put together future issues of the magazine and post their early testing results plus photos of the techniques and projects as they are developed.

Fine Woodworking BlogFine Woodworking blogscape, where every weekday our editors will log in to post news, reviews, how-to information, and entertaining stories from our travels around the woodworking world.

Lost Art Press Blog:  One of my favorites!  This is Christopher Schwarz's (editor of Popular Woodworking & Woodworking Magazine) personal website and blog.  Chris is a great writer and student of this craft, especially when it comes to hand tools.

Modern Woodshop:  The podcast and blog of David Noftz.  Follow along as David documents his journey through the craft of working with wood. 

My Wooden Creations:  Skip's motto is Yes You Can!  Articles and videos on woodworking

Woodworkers Guide:  Michael's woodworking blog where he writes about his experiences, the trials and tribulations, with working with wood, sharing cool tools, tips, websites and videos he comes across, musings, reviews and more.

Internet Sites on everything to do with Hand Tools 

Old Tools Shop:  An Internet Magazine for Galoots by Galoots 

Galoot Central:  A link farm of lots and lots of hand-tool related stuff. Recommended reading.


Community and Forums

Lumber Jocks:  Your Ultimate Woodworking Group.  A place to share your woodworking projects, make new woodworking buddies, and ask woodworking questions. 

Woodworking Talk:  Woodworking forum 

Family Woodworking Forum:  Woodworking forum for the whole family 


Cool Woodworking Sites! 

Geoff's Woodwork:  A ton of woodworking information

Probst Furniture Makers:  A site that I enjoy looking at for inspiration 

In The Woodshop:  Howard Ruttan's site is a storehouse of information on woodworking 

Knight Tool Works:  A maker of quality hand tools 

Tom Plamann:  Tom's site is a never ending source for inspiration especially for architectural woodwork. 

Thomas Moser:  One of my favorite sites for inspiration on Shaker inspired furniture.  

Here’s a site where you can watch woodworking shows ‘til your hearts content. 
The Woodworking Channel

If you have any questions on trim carpentry, Gary Katz is the person with the answers. 
Gary Katz Online - Home Page

Matthias Wandel's Woodworking website.  Good source for articles on woodworking 


Woodworking Schools 

Kelly Mehler's School of Woodworking is designed to give skilled and hobbyist woodworkers the focused attention and encouragement needed to build their skills, comfort level and repertoire of woodworking techniques.  The school is located near the quaint tourist town of Berea, Kentucky and surrounded by a beautiful national forest that serves as the gateway to the Appalachian Mountains.


Woodworking Guilds and Other Organizations 

I talk about the importance of joining your local woodworking guild if you have one throughout my website.  You'll find a wealth of information and good people that are willing to share it.  ETWG is the guild for the upper East Tennessee area.

If you live close to East Tennessee you owe to yourself to come to the fall or spring Foothills Craft Guild show.  You’ll meet some of the areas finest craftspeople and see amazing items for sale.  Foothills Craft Guild

 Websites of friends that are doing good things on the Internet

Sonshine Tech Ed Publications LLCIf you're looking for a high school aged industrial arts program for your homeschooled student look into Sonshine Tech Ed Publications.  They have a very comprehensive program that covers drafting, woodworking, and small gasoline engines.  I've seen the books and CDs and was impressed with the thoroughness of the program.  Check them out today.

Tennessee Heart & Hearth-Home Education Support Group:  "Instruct them to do good, to be rich in good works, to be generous and ready to share, storing up for themselves the treasure of a good foundation for the future, so that they may take hold of that which is life indeed."
- I timothy 6: 18-19


Solar Family Farm:  Helping you find your independence.  Frank and Kristin live in a solar powered home on a 24 acre farm.  They give great advice on farm life and ways to live a more independent lifestyle.  If you live on a farm or just long for a simpler way of life away from the fast pace hustle and bustle of "modern life" check out the Solar Family Farm.