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Just For Kids

Here's the section of the website devoted entirely to kids and their pursuit of woodworking. We'll add new things frequently, so check back often. Let us know of other things you would like to see here as well by using our contact us form.

How to build a Folding Chair: Video

This is the first video in our Woodworking for Kids series. We designed a woodworking project for kids that would be simple and fun to build. It's a folding chair. After building this chair with my son though I...... more

Bat Houses Anyone?

I had the privilege to conduct a workshop for kids at a local bookstore recently and thought I'd post about it.  We built a project that some might think a little odd.  We built bat houses so we could attract...... more

A Swiss Cheese "Sign" Project

Here’s something fun to try.  Print your name on a sign like “Katie’s Room”, or “Nick’s Tools”, in big letters on a piece of wood.  Use your brace and bit to drill holes along the letters leaving a space in-between...... more

Drilling Straight Holes Using a Brace Drill
Things to Look For in a Good Brace Drill and Where to Find One
Cutting a Straight Line with a Hand Saw
Using a Nail Set
Let's Pound Some Nails!
Nail Size Chart
Growth Chart Notebook
Activity Using a Measuring Tape
Scavenger Hunt Activity
Identifing Coniferous vs. Deciduous Trees by Looking at Leaves
Basic Hand Tools for Kids to Get Started Woodworking
Bookstand for Kids
Study Looks at Academic Value of Hands-on Crafts
Just For Kids: Snowman Door Hanger
Just For Kids: Wood Trivet
Just For Kids: String Art