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Tool Reviews

Blade Cleaning: Removing Pitch and Resin From Your Blades and Router Bits

Here's a way to extend the time between sharpening your saw blades and bits.After use, a saw blade will develop a coating of what's referred to as pitch.  This pitch will affect the cutting of your blade if not removed. ...... more

Freud's Ouadra-Cut Router Bits

Freud's Quadra-Cut router bits are a great improvement on a old design.  Working with end grain has always been a thorn in the side for woodworkers.  It tears out easier, burns easier, and is just difficult to get a smooth...... more

Steel City Tool Works New Products

Steel City Tool Works is trying to ROCK your world!  Steel City Tools is coming out with a line of stationary power tools that's incorporating granite into the surfaces of some it's tools.  No, that's not a typo, they're using...... more

Tool Review #2

coming soon......... more

Tool Review #1

coming soon......... more

Tool Review #2
Tool Review #1