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Tips & Techniques

Here's where you can find advice on those things that will make your woodworking more productive and enjoyable. Send in your own tips and techniques that you’ve found to be helpful by using our contact us form. We'll try to put as many as we can in the newsletter and website.


    Woodworking Computer Programs
    The Golden Rectangle
    Cutting Plywood

Setting Up Shop

    Pictures of my workshop
    Setting Up Shop: Stationary Power Tools
    Setting Up Shop: Power Hand Tools

Hand Tools

    Using a Story Pole
    Tip: Basic Hand Tools for Setting Up Shop

Power Tools

    Contractor Saws vs. Cabinet Saws
    Tuning up a Table Saw
    How to Pick the Right Woodworking Saw Blades


    The Lingo of Lumber Grading
    Calculating Board Feet
    Tip: What to do With Scrap Wood




    Should you heat your linseed oil before applying it?
    How to choose the right finish, Part 4
    How to choose the right finish, Part 3