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Tips & Techniques: Finishing

Should you heat your linseed oil before applying it?
To heat or not to heat, that is the question!I received a question from Rob this week after he received his Finishing Myths:  BUSTED! article #8.  This is the article where we talk about how some woodworkers swear by heating...

How to choose the right finish, Part 4
In this article we'll be looking at the ease of application, healthconcerns and ease of repairing finishes.Ease of Application:One overriding factor that must be taken into consideration hereis:  How fast does the finish cure?If a finish cures fast we can...

How to choose the right finish, Part 3
Now let's look at protection and durability of finishes.Protection:Most wood looks nice completely unfinished. So why do we evenbother to go through all the steps necessary to finish a piece offurniture?  Two reasons are:  To protect the wood and add...

How to choose the right finish, Part 2
In this article we'll be looking at just one of the qualities thatgoes into choosing a finish:  Appearance.  When deciding on a finish for it's appearance there are three basicquestions to ask yourself: 1) Will this finish build up on...

How to choose the right finish, Part 1
This is the Holy Grail for many woodworkers.  Or at least you'dthink so by how tight lipped woodworkers can be about theirfinishing techniques.  "What finish did you use?".  For somewoodworkers you may as well have called their Mothers ugly by...