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Tips & Techniques: General

Woodworking Computer Programs
Woodworking Software Programs Woodworking hasn't been immune to all the advances in computer technology.  This is especially true when it come to software programs.  I thought I'd look over the Internet and bring to you some of the programs that...

The Golden Rectangle
The concept of idealized proportions  can be traced back to ancient Greek and Egyptian architecture.  It's based on a simple ratio.  Studies of ancient Greek works have shown that they always made their rectangles exactly 1.618 times longer than their...

Cutting Plywood
No matter what kind of woodworking you do, at some point you're going to be using plywood.  Whether you're building cabinets and using commercially available plywood, make your own veneer, or buy veneer to apply to a plywood substrate, sooner...

Prevent Safety Glasses From Fogging Up
Do you ever have trouble with your safety glasses fogging up on you?  I know I do especially in the dog days of summer.  You can find commercially available safety glasses that have a specially coating on them to prevent...

Woodworking Truths
In looking around at different woodworking sites on the Internet I came across a couple of places that listed their "woodworking wisdom" lists.  In reading their lists it inspired me to come up with my own.  Don't expect some deep...

Nail Size Chart
NailsThere are dozens of different types of nails used for different jobs. And within each type there are a wide variety of sizes.  Look at fig.1 to see how nails are measured and to learn some of the lingo so...