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Tips & Techniques: Lumber

The Lingo of Lumber Grading
The first time you go to a hardwood dealer can be pretty intimidating.  It can be like stepping into a foreign country where they speak a different language.  Here's an example:  You walk into the lumber warehouse and you think...

Calculating Board Feet
 How to Calculate Board Feet Hardwood lumber in the United States and Canada is measured by volume, specifically by the cubic inch.  A board foot of lumber is the volume of one foot in length and one foot wide...

Tip: What to do With Scrap Wood
The longer you work with wood the more scrap wood can become a problem if you don't find away to organize it. Some pieces of wood are just to good to throw away but too small to be used for...

Tip: Where To Find Lumber
Home improvement warehouses are good places to go for lumber if you need pine (white or southern yellow) and cedar, if you only need a small amount. Trust me you’re paying to be able to shop for your surfaced...