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Tips & Techniques: Power Tools

Contractor Saws vs. Cabinet Saws
Contractor Saws vs. Cabinet Saws Cabinet Saws vs. Contractor Saws:  Which one should you buy? This is almost like messing with Social Security, or talking about war in southeast Asia.  You just can't win this battle.  Woodworkers have strong opinions...

Tuning up a Table Saw
Here's a video we did on the steps needed to get your table saw running in tip top shape.  We show you how to clean, set-up, and maintain your table saw to get the most out of it.  Here are...

How to Pick the Right Woodworking Saw Blades
If you've been to a woodworking store or looked through a woodworking catalog lately (and if you haven't what's wrong with you) you've probably seen dozens of different woodworking saw blades for sale.Choosing the right woodworking saw blade, whether...

How to Get a Router Bit Unstuck From the Collet
Router Bit Stuck in the Collet?  Here's Some Ways to Release a Stuck bit and How to Prevent it From Happening Next Time.This is one of the most frustrating things that can happen in the shop.  Before I get to...

Hand Power Tools
This is the second part of our series on Setting Up Shop. In this month's section we'll be discussing power hand tools and which ones you need to get started woodworking. I'll also throw in a few "nice to...

Stationary Power Tools
Finally were going to talk about the big guns-the tools that you see in all the TV shows and all the pictures of "serious" woodworking shops.  I'm going to go though the list of stationary power tools that I think...