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Tips & Techniques: Setting Up Shop

Pictures of my workshop
After I did my woodshop tour videos I had some people ask me for some pictures of my shop.  This does help to orient how the overall shop is laid out and the work station that I have set up,...

Setting Up Shop: Stationary Power Tools
Finally we,re going to talk about the big guns-the tools that you see in all the TV shows and all the pictures of "serious" woodworking shops.  I'm going to go though the list of stationary power tools that I think...

Setting Up Shop: Power Hand Tools
This is the second part of our series on Setting Up Shop. In this month's section we'll be discussing power hand tools and which ones you need to get started woodworking. I'll also throw in a few "nice to...

Tip: Basic Hand Tools for Setting Up Shop
Below I recommend several brands of tools. These are tools I own and have a lot of experience with or have used in the past and like. This doesn't mean that these brands are the only ones out there...

Tip: Extension Cords Up and Out of the Way
Extension Cords Up and Out of the Way This month’s tip also comes from our featured woodworker, Dr. Clay Crowder. Woodworking shops never have enough outlets to plug stuff in. And even if you do have enough outlets, the cords...